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Can I say the 2 rakath sunna prayer of FAZAR immediately after the 2 rakath of fardh?

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Assalamualikum brother in Islam.

I have a question concerning catching prayer.

If I found that the Jamath of FAZAR PRAYER is started, shall I perform 2 rakath sunna first or catch the 2 rakath fard first. Can I perform 2 rakath sunna immediately after the 2 rakah fard. when it is still 10 min. left for sunrise.

Please quote any Hadith related to this situation.
asked Jun 10, 2012 by S A B E R (1,374 points)

1 Answer

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There are numerous ahadith in this regard, which may be seen in any hadith book.

The important thing to note is that as soon as the 'iqama' of Fard (Obigatory) prayer is started no other prayer -even 2 sunnah- can not be started / offered.

The 2 sunnah of Fajr pryers may be offered as soon as the Fard (obligatory) prayer is over.

However, the 2 sunnah may also be offered after the sun rise.

answered Jun 11, 2012 by M Rashid Hai (2,566 points)