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when making a dua, where in my palms do i have to look at?

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for allah to fullfil
asked Jan 25, 2013 by rukz_r91 (144 points)

1 Answer

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The answer to a question like this was posted on July 14, 2012 in this site and was supplimented by Admn Pro by providing very informative website:


However I would like to say that these are non-issues. While supplicating (dua) no specific posture is required. One can supplicate at any time, any where (except in bathroom) and in any position, the only pre-requist for supplication is sincerety and good intention. Supplications to harm one-self and others are not allowed.

For one's satisfaction the above mentioned website is worth consulting.

And Allaah knows the best.

answered Jan 26, 2013 by M Rashid Hai (2,566 points)