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Each and every form of Ibada has its special feature, such as Salah, it.....

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Salah is the conversation between Allah and his servant. Now I would like to know what is the Salient feature of "Sawm"/ Fasting ?
asked Jul 22, 2013 by S A B E R (1,374 points)

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Apart from numerous other significances of 'saum' thr most significant feature of 'saum' is that the Prophet Muhammad - Peace be upon him - said; " what ever a person does (good deeds) he is rewarded from 10 times to 700 times, but the reward of 'saum' is exempted from it. And the Allaah says; 'as this 'saum' is for Me, only I shall reward at My Own (to the person who observed 'saum')'. [Bukhari, hadith 1894, Muslim - hadith 2707]

Other features of 'saum' are;

The smell of the mouth of saum-observing person is better than 'musk'. [Bukhari - hadith 1894]

There is a door of 'janna' (paradise) called 'Rayyaan' and only a saum-observing person can enter into 'janna' through this door. [Muslim - hadith 2710]

However other 'ibada' have their own significances. The highest significance of 'sala' (prayers) is that it was gifted  by Allaah Himself to Prophet Muhammad - Peace be upon him - during 'Mairaj' and above the seven heavens.


answered Jul 29, 2013 by M Rashid Hai (2,566 points)
The exceptional significance of 'zaka' is that it purifies one's income or wealth.
The unique significance of 'hajj' is that one who performs 'hajj' with purity of 'niah' (intention) and resolution, his all sins are washed away and he becomes sin-free like a new born.
So all the four 'ibada' has their own peculiar importance and significance but none of them are replacement of each other.