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Is Brushing Teeth with paste substitute for "Miswak"? - Questions about Islam
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Is Brushing Teeth with paste substitute for "Miswak"?

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One muslim brother ask me the question:Is Brushing Teeth with paste substitute for "Miswak"? and whether we can get the same reward for that (brushing teeth with brush and paste).

I think this is the right site to place the question.

Hope the reply will come soon. InshAllah.
asked May 30, 2014 by S A B E R (1,374 points)

1 Answer

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The concept of using 'miswak' was simply to clean ones teeth/mouth. As in the days of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) there was no tooth-paste, so the best option used by the Prophet  - Peace be upon him - was to use any thing to brush his tooth and the best available thing, in his opinion was 'miswak'. So using  'miswak' is sunnah of the Prophet - Peace be upon him.  Miswak has not doubt some chemical cleansing and antibiotic effects.

So if any body uses 'miswak'  as 'sunnah' then certainly he will be additionally  rewarded. But if some one brushes his teeth with a paste, he will also be rewarded  for following the 'sunnah' for keeping his teeth/mouth clean.

Regarding equality of reward, it is Allah to decide not us.

Allah knows the best.
answered Jul 11, 2014 by M Rashid Hai (2,566 points)