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Assalaamu Alaikum.... Sir What if a highly named Scholar indulging in Illegal and many corruption activities....

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Assalaamu Alaikum....

Sir What if a Aalim found guilty in many corruption activities, Specify the action should be taken against such Aalim....

asked Apr 13, 2012 by sultanbeary (62 points)
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Praise to be Allah.

Anyone found guilty need to be punished as per the court of laws prevailing and established in the country. Being an "aalim" does not give any one a license to go ahead and get himself / herself involved in any un-lawful activities or in corrpution, etc.

Good remains good and bad remains bad. Even the simple laws of nature (irrespetive of any religion) talks and demands about justice wherein, a good act is to be encourage & appreciated and the bad act is to be condemned and punished.

Islam also talks about the same; rather, it goes beyond that wherein, we as a Muslim have a firm belief about the life hereafter (the life after death, Aakharat). A person who did wrong earns himself / herself hell whereas, the one who do good earns Jannah.


Being an "aalim" is a huge responsibility and one should be aware of that for being an aalim means being more knowledgeable. Hence, greater the responsibility leads to greater accountability, specially in the life hereafter.

And Allah knows the best
answered Apr 14, 2012 by Tanveer (2,870 points)
Maasha Allah....,Jazakallaahu Khairan for Your Valuable Clarification... Still what if the same Aalim is having Good Skill in teaching But Not at reformed even after thousand Warnings to come out of the Anti Social Activities and immoral and illegal....

Assalaamu Alaikum....
Praise be to Allah.

Good remains good - an act that is appreciated and blessed whereas, Evil remains evil - an act that is to be punished.

See rules don't change for ANY one. There are certain punishment that has been defined by Allah (SWT) in Qur'an, commonly referred as 'Had', "hadoo" - now those will remain as is for entire life. No one has the right to change the puishments that has been devised by Allah.

Samely, it's the duty of the authorized people, deputed departments and the law enforcement agencies in the Islamic state to take action accordingy to Qur'an and Sunnah.

If there is no Islamic state i.e. Allah's Deen is not applied then it's the responsibility of each Muslim to make efforts for the establishment of Allah's Deen and to put his heart and soul into it.

This however, does NOT mean start killing the killer by himself / herself.

What you can do is to talk to that person, discuss with him, teach him, help him to recover.

If a person is induldged in immoral and illegal activities which are against the teachings of Qur'an and against the teachings of Prophet (PBUH) then that person can NOT be an 'Aalim' by any definition.

And Allah knows the best